Introduction procedure 
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Complex solution for enterprise automation

Financial management, cash flow management, logistics tasks (procurement, stock and sales management).

Introduction procedure

As a rule, the system introduction is carried out by “Intellect-Service” company specialists together with the specialists of a customer. The volume of work and work scope is determined at the conclusion of the contract. The works are performed according to the agreement, highlighting the following types of works:

  1. Installation of systems on a server and workstations. System configuration by working places.
  2. Configuration of IS-PRO subsystems in accordance with an enterprise accounting policy.
  3. Import of data provided by the customer (in an agreed format) into IS-PRO system. It is performed by standard features integrated into the system.
  4. Training of personnel who will conduct accounting operations and service IS-PRO software complex. The trained specialists of an enterprise, program and training volume as well as the volume of special manuals preparation are stipulate in the introduction contract.
  5. Experimental-industrial program production as control examples or at parallel accounting in IS-PRO program and existing automation technologies or on real data. Conditions, duration and timing of trial operation are stipulated in the introduction contract.


The systems introduction is performed under the existed functionality. Revision of the software to the customer specification is carried out in accordance with the expression of requirements and under separate agreement.

Introduction of IS-PRO systems can be performed on individual accounting areas (software complex subsystems). For example, firstly it is run the salary accounting and then – stock accounting and monetary assets etc.

Guarantee support includes:

  1. The right to receive service packs and new versions of the system associated with changes of legislation and\or changes of functional possibilities of the system. The service packs or new versions of the program one can gen at sellers office and copy to client storage device or to download them from the company official website;
  2. To have a telephone consultation calling on hotline (up to 10 minutes a day);
  3. Connection to the “System of information exchange with dealers and customers”.

The period of system guarantee support begins on the expiry date of the current guarantee support. If there is no an extension of a guarantee period after the expiration of guarantee support, one should proceed the guarantee support.

When resuming the software guarantee support, one should additionally pay:

  1. Guarantee support price;
  2. Additionally 10% of the current software price under the current pricelist;

The period of proceeded guarantee support begins on the date of payment.

After the guarantee support expiry, the customer has the right to use the versions that were released before the guarantee support expiry date. For example:

Current date: 01/10/2010

Support expiry date: 01/01/2010.

Service packs dates:

7_07_011 – 30/09/2009

7_07_025 – 07/07/2010.

In this case, the system will operate only with a service pack 7_07_011, and the service pack 7_07_025 will be available only in demo version.