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Complex solution for enterprise automation

Financial management, cash flow management, logistics tasks (procurement, stock and sales management).

Typical configuration of “IS-PRO: Cost accounting”

Typical configuration of “IS-PRO: Cost accounting” is used for small and medium business enterprises. The configuration settings take into account the peculiarities of cost accounting financial and economic activity in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine: 

Typical configuration of “IS-PRO: Cost accounting” include:

  • Adapted chart of account;
  • Typical operations (typical entries);
  • Ready templates of typical contracts;
  • Customized guides and tables;
  • Accounting objects 

Peculiarities of “IS-PRO: Cost accounting”:

  • Designed for operation only in local mode;
  • It is possible to maintain accounting of several organizations in one database;
  • You cannot change settings made by the writer, but you can create your own additional settings.
  • Automatic installation process can be performed by the user. 

Possibilities of “IS-PRO: Cost accounting”:


  1. Multilevel analytical accounting (contractor, employee, contract etc.)
  2. Creation of bank and cash payment documents in accordance with NBU №72 directive.
  3. Cash book maintaining.
  4. Multi-currency accounts maintaining
  5. Creation of cash advance statements and accounting payrolls.
  6. Payment of salaries by payroll records (cash orders)
  7. Deposited salary accounting
  8. Entry memo creation
  9. Accounts and records creation
  10. General ledger creation.
  11. Balance list in analytics cross-cut.


  1. Catalogue maintaining.
  2. Completion of paperwork of assets transaction.
  3. Ageing calculation and asset revaluation.
  4. Stocktaking.
  5. Acquisition and asset transaction accounting.
  6. Model forms of assets management
  7. Entry memo creation.


  1. Maintaining contracts catalogue with suppliers, contractors and customers.
  2. Scheduling of operations under contracts.
  3. Documents creation under contracts.
  4. Settlements accounting and execution of contracts.
  5. Penal provisions calculation.


  1. Mutual settlements accounting catalogue.
  2. Paying accounts and receiving of funds.
  3. Formation of reconciliation statements.
  4. Formation of acceptance and execution of work certificates.
  5. Maintaining tax documents.
  6. Formation of entry memo.


  1. Maintaining card files of employees.
  2. Maintaining various work schedules.
  3. Personnel schedule.
  4. Calculation of accruals and recoupments.
  5. Calculation of holiday pay, sick pay, premiums and pecuniary aids.
  6. Possibility of maintaining extinguished and unextinguished payroll.
  7. Formation of calculation and payments statements.
  8. Possibility of recalculation for past periods in the current period.
  9. Formation and transmission of payment orders for payroll accounting and payments to the budget to the bank.
  10. Formation of the 5th entry memo.
  11. Recomputation of the tax on income for the year.
  12. Payroll payment on bank payment cards.
  13. Personal record-keeping record to the pension capital fund of Ukraine.
  14. Data for “1-ПВ” form.
  15. Automatic formation of “№1-ДФ form” reference.


  1. Stock accounting.
  2. Inventory accounting file of Perishable Items in stock and in service.
  3. Preparation of documents for inventory movements and Perishable Items account.
  4. Documents keeping for stock acquisition and Perishable Items; internal transfer of treasure and their depreciation.
  5. Stocktake and inventory valuation, Perishable Items account.
  6. Formation of entry memos.