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Complex solution for enterprise automation

Financial management, cash flow management, logistics tasks (procurement, stock and sales management).

“Intellect-Service” company is looking to cooperate with interested enterprises and private persons. We offer business development by signing a Partner Agreement.

Partner status may be the following:

  1. Mediator
  2. Dealer
  3. Distributor 

The enterprise or an individual person, who received a status of official partner of “Intellect-Service” company is provide with:

  • Free methodological support,
  • Advertising materials,
  • Demo versions of the software products,
  • Standard procedure of the software presentation,
  • Ability to undergo training in the office of the company.

Our dealers are entitled to use logo ant trademark of “Intellect-Service” company, have regular advertising support in business and trade press and the information support in form of regular mailing of news for dealers.

“Intellect-Service” company regularly organizes conferences for its dealers, where it is presented new software products, discussed organizational and exchanged experience.

Conceptual issues in support of regional partners of “Intellect-Service” company:

1. Discounts up to 50% on a software program and up to 50% on the extension of a guarantee period;

2. Free training course during 8 hours for operation with the software program;

3. Paid training course during 8 hours for operation with the software programs at special prices for DEALERS;

4. Free telephone consultations on operating with the software programs;

5. Updating of software programs during the guarantee period;

6. Presenting new versions of software products in compliance with license agreements.

7. Conducting once a month (every second Monday of a month, after 3 PM) consultations with the specialists in the office of “Intellect-Service” company.

8. Conducting once a month (every third Monday of a month, from 10 AM) meeting with software writers in the office of “Intellect-Service” company.

9. Rapidly fix bugs in software programs.

Telephone number of a dealers department: (044) 206-72-11