Our clients 
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Complex solution for enterprise automation

Financial management, cash flow management, logistics tasks (procurement, stock and sales management).

Our clients

Clients – our most important fortune and all the activity of “INTELLECT-SERVICE” company is intended to satisfy the needs of our clients.   
We insist this by offering the most advanced information solutions in the form of our software products and professional qualitative service.  
Our only one strategic mission is high quality software products and professional clients servicing.

Client is – the meaning of our work.
Client – the constant attention and responsibility of each employee.
We are proud that clients choose us and take all measures in order to justify confidence of our clients. 
Today IS-PRO system use more than 6500 enterprises, organization and institutions of Ukraine.  
The software complex is also widely used at various industries enterprises.  The most famous our clients are:


State and municipal structures:

Industry and manufacturing:

Trade and services:

Transport and communications:

Education and culture:


  • Central Hospital of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Kiev
  • Pechersky Hospital, Kiev
  • Kiev City Clinical Hospital № 5, 7, 14, 15, 18,Kiev
  • Kiev Children’s Clinical Hospital Киевская №1, 2, 7, Kiev
  • Communal Health Protection Institution, “Kharkov City Clinical Hospital of Emergency Medical Care named after A.I. Meschaninov”
  • Clinical Multifield Hospital №17 SC “Plant named after V.A. Malyshev”
  • Poltava Regional Oncologic Dispensary
  • Sumy Regional Oncologic Dispensary

Banks and insurance companies: